Meredith Nastasi 

VP, Strategic Priorities & People

Meredith Nastasi serves as VP of Strategic Priorities & People for Spring Point Partners. Her leadership ensures that SPP’s strategic direction is always values aligned. She played a foundational role in the origins of SPP and, as a member of the leadership team, maintains a bird’s-eye view, making sure that growth and success are matched by a dedication to strategic capacity. As a mother juggling three young kids and an instigator of happy hours, Meredith embodies the reminder to work hard and play hard.

Executive Assistant, Impact
Senior Program Officer, The Hive
Associate Director of Impact Investments
President & Senior Advisor to the Berwind Family
People Experience Coordinator
Chief of Staff
Program Director, Life of Riley
Events Coordinator
Communications Manager
Project Coordinator
Senior Program Officer, Social Justice
Senior Accountant
Director of Finance
Senior Program Officer, Ember
Executive Administrator, Office of the President
Grants and Contracts Analyst
VP, Finance & Technology Solutions
Director of Impact Integration
Executive Assistant, Investment & Learning
Program Officer, Delta
Chief Investment Officer
Business Systems Analyst
Associate Director, Impact Investments
EVP, Impact
Chief Learning Officer