How We Do It

We care about ideas that shape the future.

We are focused on big, complex issues that cannot be solved by one person or in one lifetime. Because of this, our model is collaborative, comprehensive and rooted in true partnership. 


We work in and with the communities we fund, because that’s the only way to create the shared impact we all hope to achieve. Together with our partners, to deepen and scale lasting change, we actively listen and learn, build long-term relationships, and center equity and justice in everything we do.

The only way to address big, complex issues is through trust filled relationships and deep collaborations with those who navigate those problems every day.

We seek impact with partners that share our values and goals, and connect them to the right combination of grants, investments, programmatic supports and learning opportunities to create change. We listen and adapt as our partnerships evolve.

The solutions we seek are often ambitious. Many require significant time and some uncertainty on the pathway to success. This does not dissuade us — if we want to be part of the solution, we are comfortable bearing part of the risk.