Impact Areas

Across our portfolio, we match our array of tools to each partner for greater effect. We deploy investments, grants, in-kind supports or a custom combination of these in response to their needs. Whether we’re partnering on youth development, human-centered learning, animal welfare, water sustainability or new models that close opportunity gaps, we center equity and justice in all we do — supporting individuals and ideas that can have a catalytic impact in their communities and on our society.

Shared Impact

Water Sector Leadership


Delta improves access to safe and affordable water services by expanding community representation in utility leadership. Delta funds initiatives to ensure the decision makers at water services reflect the communities they serve, by increasing diversity and elevating promising talent. Together, these leaders are working towards a future in which more people have access to healthy, reliable drinking water.

Examples of Impact Partners:

Advancing Equity through Collective Ownership and Wealth Building Opportunities

Economic Justice

Our economic justice investment strategy supports investors and businesses who drive opportunity among historically excluded and under-invested entrepreneurs and communities. This economic portfolio is directly connected to our social justice grantmaking (see below), which centers narrative change and self-determination in myriad strategies to address the roots of poverty and build collective wealth and power. Click here for a sample listing of our investment partners.

Examples of Impact Partners:

Diverse Fund Managers

Human-Centered Learning, Community & Equity


ember is focused on the intersection of human-centered learning, community, and equity. We are deeply committed to ensuring that learners of all ages are engaged in high-quality learning experiences that meaningfully reflect their full identity, culture, context, and community. We believe that learning happens anywhere and everywhere, formally and informally — in a classroom, in a park, in a studio, in a kitchen, and at home — and we seek to question long-held design assumptions that have created a narrow and often inequitable learning landscape.

Youth Development

The Hive

The Hive amplifies voice, choice and opportunity for young people. The Hive funds ecosystems of youth-serving, narrative and policy focused organizations that are collectively shifting awareness around the potential of adolescence and promoting strengths-based practices in youth development. We collaborate with our partners to work towards a world in which all young people can dream without limits and discover without boundaries — building a brighter future for themselves and generations to come.

Examples of Impact Partners:

Hive “Philadelphia model”
Youth Justice Programs

Supporting Thought Leaders

Learners in Residence

Our Learners in Residence program, launched in 2020, is an 18-month residence that provides time, space and resources for social justice thought leaders to develop new ways to engage and shift narrative in their respective fields. Clint Smith and Chloe McKenzie, the program’s first two participants, have already begun to shift existing narratives. This fall, Spring Point Partners is excited to launch our fifth cohort who, like their fellow Learners, will continue to do groundbreaking work in the areas we care deeply about.

Animal Welfare

Life of Riley

Life of Riley advances animal welfare by investing in diverse leadership and community-driven solutions. Life of Riley funds programs and initiatives that advance animal welfare in the pet industry and across our communities. These partners protect, elevate, and celebrate the bond between people and pets. Learn more at

Examples of Impact Partners:

Advancing Equity & Community-Rooted Leadership

Social Justice

Building upon our commitment to equity, our social justice portfolio focuses on the central themes of economic justice, narrative change and self-determination. We partner with proximate leaders and community-rooted organizations that are responsive to the self-defined needs of historically oppressed people. We support strategies that include wealth-building investments, direct service, advocacy and organizing.

Examples of Impact Partners: