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We partner with Level Forward, an entertainment company that serves as a leader in narrative change. In pursuit of equity and economic transformation, they expand opportunity in media by elevating new voices behind still-invisible narratives and shaping systems to vest a broader group of stakeholders. They work on the project-level to make decisions about their work differently and work system-wide to break down bottlenecks of financing, production, and distribution in iterative, repeatable, open-sourced ways.

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As part of our work in narrative change, we partner with Resolve Philly, an unconventional journalism organization that challenges the industry to be more equitable, collaborative, and based in community voices and solutions. Resolve Philly’s initiatives offer opportunities for journalists to report collaboratively and more accurately, to better reach and serve their communities, and to create practices rooted in equity.

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We support economic justice through Just Income GNV, a guaranteed income project by Community Spring that provides temporary, unconditional monthly payments directly to people impacted by the justice system – no strings attached. The project is based on the belief that a guaranteed income can mitigate known barriers to successful reentry and unlock the inherent potential of our justice-impacted neighbors. This pilot, designed and administered by formerly incarcerated people, provided 115 justice-impacted people with monthly payments for a year.

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