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| April 6, 2022

Explore Ideal Learning Models in Early Childhood Education

Ideal Pathways Report: How Ideal Learning Approaches Prepare and Support Early Childhood Educators

This report from our partners at The Trust for Learning is a part of the Pathways project, which documents key aspects of ideal learning educator development models within the overall landscape of early childhood education and provides recommendations to support a more diverse workforce. 

The report includes snapshots of eleven ideal learning educator models. The findings of the report identify distinctive features of ideal learning educator development models and show how they reach educators at various points in their careers, making clear that there are multiple entry points for early childhood educators with diverse experiences and backgrounds. The report offers specific suggestions for the field, decision-makers, funders, and researchers to diversify and expand the pipeline of early educators trained in these approaches. Findings from this project will be useful in informing future policy and funding decisions.

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