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| April 1, 2024

Emerging Human Resources Practices for Evolving Nonprofit Leaders

On March 20, 2024, we had the honor of being in conversation with Dr. Alison Dougherty, Assistant VP, Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture, at Drexel University and HR Consultant. She shared her insights about emerging trends in the human resources field and the impacts that reach into the nonprofit space. Below you’ll find resources and insights to continue the conversation.


As the world has shifted since the pandemic, so has the workplace and its norms. From employee needs and expectations to managerial approaches, policies, and practices, our understanding of what it means to bring ourselves to work is evolving. And perhaps one of the most fundamental changes has been that our humanity has been centered in a more pronounced way. With this as a backdrop, here are a few salient reminders from our session:

  • Agile Talent Acquisition – Extensively layered and time-consuming interview schedules can be a barrier to securing talent. Consider an agile and more expedient process instead.
  • Complement Exit Interviews with Stay Interviews – While it is helpful to collect feedback from employees as they exit (and when they provide it, be sure to examine and leverage that feedback), it is equally important to engage employees who stay. What keeps them there? What’s working and not working? Stay Interviews can sometimes serve as retention tools and can also shed light on employee morale and engagement.
  • Stay the Course on DEI – Hypercriticism of DEI continues and is displacing progress made over the last few years. At a moment of deep fear, what a time to be organizationally brave! Stay. The. Course.
  • No Conflict Over Email. That’s the full message.
  • Prioritize Wellbeing – Your team’s and your own. It matters!

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