Shared Impact

With our impact partners, we’re advancing equity and justice through community-led and owned models. Together, we’re building lasting relationships to scale and sustain change for the long term.

Shared Impact

We seek out and support:

Transformational leaders who have the vision to see what’s possible and the drive to make it real

Transformational networks that connect the experience and expertise of partners with the comprehensive and flexible supports they need to succeed

Transformational solutions that advance and accelerate equity and justice

Explore examples of some of our partners’ work below by clicking on the filters by type, impact area and support provided. This is a small glance into our portfolio, not a comprehensive list.

We provided support to the San Diego Regional Policy & Innovation Center and Greenprint Partners, who cofounded the Green Infrastructure Accelerator. This program helps diverse public sector leaders create and apply for federal grants focused on community-driven green infrastructure projects.

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Transformational solutions

We provide ongoing support to The Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange, a member-led network of emerging municipal leaders. The members of the Exchange work together to develop resources and share innovative ideas for expanding climate-resilient stormwater management in ways that meet community needs.

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Transformational networks

Our partners at SimpleLab launched after the discovery of lead in Flint, MI drinking water, and a realization that fewer than 1 in 10,000 American homes had ever tested their tap water. Recognizing the ways in which home water testing was a challenge for most people, they pioneered an award-winning service ( to simplify the process of water sampling, lab testing and report-back. SimpleLab software subsequently expanded to include accessibility features for commercial partners to access professional environmental lab testing and data services by API.

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Transformational solutions

We supported the launch of The Water Innovation Leadership Development (WILD) program at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, which helps empower the next generation of utility leaders to embrace transformative practices and implement innovative, equitable solutions to water infrastructure challenges.

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Transformational leaders