Renata Rabinovich

As an Events Assistant at Spring Point Partners, Renata Rabinovich assists in facilitating a smooth and welcoming experience for partners and staff attending events at The Hive. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and playing volleyball with friends.

Irene Ciocirlan

Irene Ciocirlan is an Events Assistant at The Hive. She collaborates with the Events Team to facilitate a welcoming environment for partners and ensure seamless event coordination. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to concerts, and roller-skating with friends.

Julia Strachan

Julia serves as an accountant on Spring Point Partners’ finance team.

Felicia Arnold-Carter

As the project coordinator for Spring Point Partners’ finance department, Felicia leverages her entrepreneurial experience to streamline processes and enhance project efficiency. With her forward-thinking approach and meticulous attention to detail, Felicia helps the team navigate the intricate intersections between finance and other departments. Felicia loves spending time with her grandchildren, advocating wealth growth via […]

Jordan Jones

Jordan serves as the Director of Finance for Spring Point Partners. Jordan leads all financial operations and planning that support the social impact work of the organization. Jordan loves going to sporting events, traveling the world and cooking.

Sabrina Bainbridge

Sabrina Bainbridge serves as the Associate Director of Impact Investments for Spring Point Partners. She leverages her international impact investing experience and background in designing incubator programming to support SPP’s impact-first investment portfolio. Sabrina loves camping, kayaking, and playing volleyball.

Marian Fung

Marian is the Business Systems Analyst on Spring Point’s finance and technology team.

Lauren Atwell

As an executive assistant at Spring Point Partners (SPP), Lauren Atwell supports both the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Learning Officer. Lauren collaborates with staff across the office to facilitate scheduling and workflow. Born and raised in Philly, Lauren enjoys spending time with family in Ocean City, biking, reading, and listening to true crime […]

Julie Paturzo

Julie serves as the Senior Program Officer for ember at Spring Point, supporting partners working at the intersection of equity and human-centered learning. Julie brings previous experience leading partner engagement for teaching-related causes. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, running, and exploring Philly (and beyond) with her husband, daughter, and dog.”

Andy Kucer

As the Senior Program Officer for The Hive at Spring Point, Andy Kucer brings a passion for strength-based youth development, research, and systems change to his role. In helping to lead the portfolio, Andy applies his previous experience in leadership roles at national and local organizations in the legal services, youth development, and affordable housing […]

Alison Zimmer

As an executive assistant at Spring Point Partners (SPP), Alison Zimmer supports both the EVP of Impact and the Director of Impact Operations. A passionate people person with upbeat energy, Alison loves to collaborate and organize across the organization by coordinating schedules, workflow, and relationships. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescue dogs.

Joanna Visser Adjoian

Joanna Visser Adjoian, Esq., serves as a senior program officer for Spring Point Partners. A nationally recognized youth justice advocate, and former nonprofit founder and leader, Joanna leverages her experience in the field to identify organizations and partners that align with Spring Point’s strategic focus on social justice, specifically related to racial and gender equity […]

Danielle Laws

Danielle Laws serves as Spring Point Partners’ events coordinator. She ensures smooth logistics and welcoming experiences at SPP’s partner gatherings and learning opportunities. Danielle has three daughters and one dog.

Uva Coles

Uva Coles serves as Chief Learning Officer for Spring Point Partners. As the organization’s internal learning muscle, Uva’s leadership ensures that learning and equity are woven through every aspect of the organization. A mother of two boys, Uva is a lifelong teacher and student who believes you make every room you step into a classroom. […]

Simran Sidhu

Simran Sidhu serves as EVP of Impact for Spring Point Partners. Simran took the helm in building The Hive, one of the inaugural impact programs at SPP. She currently oversees the breadth of Spring Point’s grantmaking and impact investments with a practitioner’s perspective, centering equity and justice throughout. Simran is also a mother of two, […]

Meredith Nastasi 

Meredith Nastasi serves as VP of Strategic Priorities & People for Spring Point Partners. Her leadership ensures that SPP’s strategic direction is always values aligned. She played a foundational role in the origins of SPP and, as a member of the leadership team, maintains a bird’s-eye view, making sure that growth and success are matched […]

Margot Kane

Margot Kane serves as Chief Investment Officer for Spring Point Partners. Her leadership helps the organization deploy investment as a tool across the portfolio. Margot draws on her deep experience designing blended investment strategies to build our investment capacity and to activate SPP’s impact-first focus. Margot is a mother of two who enjoys cooking, tennis, […]

Maggie Rwakazina

Maggie Rwakazina serves as a program officer for Spring Point Partners and strives to support Delta partners working toward equity in water utilities. A mother of two who (naturally) loves swimming in nature, Maggie strives to teach her kids to be good global citizens.  

Laura McHugh

Laura McHugh serves as Director of Impact Integration for Spring Point Partners. An inaugural member of the SPP team, Laura brings nearly 20 years’ experience blending social policy and direct practice to her role in deepening connections across the portfolio. Her collaborative work makes the organization’s grantmaking and communication more transparent and seamless. In her […]

Keya Williams 

As VP of Finance & Technology Solutions for Spring Point Partners, Keya Williams ensures the organization’s finance and technology systems are responsive and adaptive in delivering our funding commitments to partners. In her free time, Keya enjoys hanging out with her son, volunteering and supporting various community causes, watching movies, visiting museums, and traveling.

Kathy Stepanek

Kathy Stepanek is a member of the Finance Team at Spring Point Partners, serving as the Grants and Contracts Analyst. Her current position at SPP combines her skills in training, finance and data systems with her passion for service. Kathy is an outdoor adventurer and enjoys hosting neighborhood gatherings around a fire pit.

Kassandre Harrington

Kassandre Harrington is the Executive Administrator of the President’s Office at Spring Point Partners, where she supports strategic initiatives and executive activities. She brings her infectious laughter to everything from streamlining calendars to corralling projects across different teams. Kassandre enjoys volunteering as the head chef for her community’s food pantry and is a trained musician. 

Jonida Kamberaj 

Jonida serves as Senior Accountant at Spring Point Partners. She handles wide-ranging aspects of the organization’s financial operations, including maintaining the investments database and facilitating accounts payable. Jonida’s favorite hobbies are ballroom dancing and photography.

Joanna Berwind

In her various roles across the multinational multi-sector Berwind Group of Companies, Joanna Berwind operates at the intersection of business, impact, social work, and youth development. She has contributed to the growth and vision of the fifth-generation family-owned investment management company, Berwind Corporation, for more than 20 years through positions in corporate development, marketing, and sales. […]

Jessica Berwind

In her various roles across the multinational multi-sector Berwind Group of Companies, Jessica Berwind operates at the intersection of learning, art, and business. In 2017, she joined her siblings in conceptualizing and leading the establishment of Spring Point Partners, a growing Philadelphia-based social impact organization that invests in the transformative leaders, networks, and solutions that […]